Paper on the Rocks joins the Treesistance

Paper on the Rocks and Treesistance are excited to join forces and launch this
special edition tree-free notebook to raise much needed attention for the plight of the
Amazon rainforest and its Indigenous inhabitants.

The notebook shows that there is a high quality alternative to traditional paper and funds raised will support the Indigenous custodians who protect the forest and all life within. The result is a beautifully designed book which we hope inspires and instigates positive change around the world. As written inside the cover…

The world is transitioning and needs your knowledge and ideas. Use this notebook as a
playground for your creativity and inspirations.

Make your words and actions count.

‘We’re delighted to partner with Paper on the Rocks on this special initiative. Our shared mission to
protect trees brought us together and this collaboration highlights the need for collective global
action. First and foremost, it raises awareness & funds for the Indigenous people of the Amazon, who
risk their lives to protect the forest on behalf of us all. Whilst also showing people and businesses
here in Europe that their actions make a difference. The paper industry is a big contributor to the
problem of deforestation but Paper on the Rocks gives us hope and optimism in providing this
high-quality ethical alternative. We believe these innovations are essential in our global transition to
sustainability. ’

Tom Wheeler Executive Director of Treesistance.

‘This partnership is very dear to all of us at Paper on the Rocks. We’ve been working to create
tree-free paper to keep trees in the ground for the past eight years. Forests are what sustains us as
human beings on this planet. However, we mainly work on transitioning an industry, whilst there is so
much action that needs to be taken today to actually protect all forests we still have! We are so
happy to have joined forces with Treesistance. This is an organisation that in our opinion is essential
to sustain life in general.’

Anne van Eijsden, Founder of Paper on the Rocks

And together we would like to leave this important message to the world…

You don’t have to be in the forest to join the fight!

Edition 2

Indigenous Elections in the Tapajos

In January 2023, the Treesistance European team travelled to Brazil to participate in the Indigenous elections for the region.

This was a huge honour, as we were the only non-Indigenous organization invited to this special event, held in the Braganca, Marituba Munduruku territory.

During the 3 day event, we were able to speak with hundreds of chiefs and other leaders from the region, discussing forest crime prevention, communications, renewable energy and sustainable economic development.

As a result, we have been able to advance our forest guardian program and have a number of new initiatives and activities agreed with our Indigenous partners for the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

Watch this space…

Edition 1

Tom Wheeler – How do you Fight for the Forest?

We hear from co-founder and executive director Tom Wheeler about how and why he does what he does….

‘After my daughter was born,  I shifted my energy from the corporate world to supporting Indigenous peoples and the protection of the environment. I did this as I believe that we’re in urgent need of a cultural / ecological revolution. One that can only happen if we start listening to those who still live in balance with the natural world.

I believe our destiny is bound together and our actions now, will define our collective future.  I fight for the forest by amplifying Indigenous voices, bringing together likeminded impact makers, and directing resources to the guardians of nature, who fight on the frontlines to protect the Amazon and all life within.  This is the legacy I want to leave for my daughter and the world’.

Dilmah Tea x Treesistance Collaboration

We’re proud to announce a new product collaboration with Dilmah Tea, with all proceeds donated to our forest guardian program.

Dilmah is a Sri Lankan origin owned brand. It was the first producer owned tea brand that would offer tea handpicked and packed where it’s grown, ensuring great taste and natural goodness; making it one of the finest teas of the world. The Dilmah philosophy – business is a matter of human service – is what makes the brand the first ethically produced tea.

In their own words…

‘There is a natural goodness in every cup of Dilmah is extended by the positive humanitarian and environmental impact Dilmah has on comunities and ecosystems’.

If you would like to order a pouch, you can do via

Success in the Maró Indigenous Territory

In June / July 2023, there was a new invasion by illegal loggers into the Maró Indigenous Territory. Following weeks of talks led by Chief Dada, the Borari people have removed all operations, with the loggers leaving the area.

Following this big success, we have now placed Indigenous Territory signs at every access point into the area, ensuring their land rights are respected and the forest protected.

Progress in Plan Alto

Following the recent application to be recognised as an Indigenous territory (Incidentally, the only one submitted during the Bolsanaro goverment) and the report published by De Standaard, which you can read here , we are pleased to announce that there has been a successful operation carried out with the federal police to stop the local soy farmers illegally expanding their lands.

We support and stand in solidarity with the Munduruku and Apiaká communities who continue to face many challenges. Both directly and by funding the Maparajuba legal collective who are helping them in there land right claims and disputes.

Treesistance in the Dutch Media

Following the official launch of the Treesistance on June 22nd 2023, on behalf of Treesistance, Chief Dada the Head of our Forest Guardians program, has been featured in a variety of leading Dutch media publications and platforms.


NRC – ‘Neighbourhood Watch for the Amazon’ read more here

VN – ‘The Forest is our Mother’ read more here

The Optimist – ‘Dada and the Forest Guardians. Available in hard copy here

For further information or for media enquiries, please contact


CAKE and Treesistance Join Forces to Protect the Amazon Rainforest and Empower the People Who Call It Home

Every day, the Amazon rainforest loses an average of five football fields of trees per minute to deforestation. A new collaboration between Swedish e-Bike manufacturer CAKE and forest defenders Treeesistance is poised to change that. Leveraging CAKE’s lightweight, whisper-quiet, off-road, 100% solar-powered Kalk AP electric motorcycles, the partnership aims to protect the Amazon rainforest and its people by safeguarding endangered species and combatting illegal deforestation. Treesistance is a new platform focused on the protection of the Amazon, created by Sinchi, a Dutch non-profit founded in early 2016 to support and assist Indigenous-led actions against the violation of their rights and the destruction of the environment.

Read the full article on the Vintagent here


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You don’t have to be in the forest to join the fight.