You don’t
have to be in
the forest to
join the fight.

We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with Indigenous communities we can defend the primary rainforest that our Planet’s health relies upon. We invite you to join the treesistance and answer the calling from mother earth.

Join the Treesistance

Become an extension of our Forest Guardians program and show your solidarity with the Indigenous people of the Amazon. By donating 20 euros a month, you too can become a guardian of nature. 

1. 100% of your monthly donation will be received by our  Indigenous Forest Guardians.  

2. 20 euros  a month, covers a daily conservation fee to a guardian who is patrolling the forest.

3. Be the first to know about special edition art, apparel, brand initiatives and events.

4. You’ll receive a high resolution A4 poster and have access to other materials for sharing.

5. Join the community and be part of a movement, where nature takes back its power.

Kit out a Forest Guardian

3 x Meals for a Forest Guardian on patrol


Waterproof Boot

Waterproof Backpack


Power Bank

Solar Charger

GPS Mapping Device

GPS Camera

Crime Prevention Kit


Electric Motorbike for patrolling

Boat for patrolling


You can partner directly with an Indigenous community to form a new group of Forest Guardians. This package covers the technology and training (led by Chief  Dadá) .

By the end of 2023, we will have 9  teams of Forest Guardians with over 1500km2 under protection. Help us expand this and take this proven model to other communities. 

If are you a business or brand who is interested in becoming a partner and supporting one of our other strategic pillars and would like to know how you could contribute, please contact 


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You don’t have to be in the forest to join the fight.