Send A Gift To Nature

We invite you to join the treesistance and support the Indigenous Forest Guardians by dedicating a singular or monthly donation to a loved one.

With just 20 euros, you will provide a monthly conservation fee to the family of one of the Indigenous Forest Guardians. 100% of your donation is therefore received by those who risk their lives to protect the forest and all life within.

This year make your gift 
a contribution to nature.

Upon receipt of your donation, we will supply you with;

An official certificate signed by the Head of the Forest Guardians, Chief Dada

High resolution photography of the forest guardians

The latest edition of the Treesistance Times (our quarterly update from the communities).

All materials are high resolution and printable, Creating a beautiful a presentation and a memorable gift.

For further information or bespoke enquiries contact


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You don’t have to be in the forest to join the fight.