Bragança Indigenous Territory Forest Guardians

140 Km2 Territory


land rights approved



Status – Indigenous Territory (declared). Forest Guardians established since 2023.

The TI Bragança,
has been
declared and

The villages are located in the Tapajós National Forest, in the municipality of Belterra, in Pará. On the shore of the Tapajós River, State of Pará, in the National Forest (FLONA) 

The Munduruku have lived in the states of Pará, Amazonas and Mato Grosso for centuries and today comprise approximately 14,000 people.29 They inhabit forests on the margins of navigable rivers across multiple demarcated and non-demarcated pieces of land. They are mostly concentrated in the demarcated TI Munduruku, (2,382,000 ha). The territory has been demarcated and registered since 2004. However, frontier towns, such as Itaituba, have long been a hub for illegal activities, including timber exploitation, mining, land-grabbing, and illegal drug trafficking on Indigenous lands. The neighboring town of Jacareacanga is the main gateway into the TI Munduruku and TI Sai Cinza and has become a mineral mining hotspot, including manganese, copper, bauxite, gold, nickel, and tin.3031 Some Munduruku people live in TI Sai Cinza, which borders TI Munduruku but is not yet demarcated. Another smaller area,TI Sawre Muybu, is currently contested. Demarcation has been stalled since 2016. TI Kayabi borders TI Munduruku to the south and runs along the Teles Pires River. Further up the Teles Pires river the construction of the Teles Pires and Sao Manuel hydroelectric dams destroyed sacred Munduruku cemeteries and sites in 2017-2018.32


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