OceanLove Innovation Award Winners

We are proud to announce that we were one of the 5 winners at the OceanLove Innovation Awards 2024 on June 20th, 2204 for our ‘Guardians of the Sacred Waters’ project in the Amazon.

Guardians of the Sacred Waters is a new Indigenous led protection and prevention model, coordinated between the European Crime prevention team and the leaders of the Lower Tapajos. The initiative is an expansion of a previous award winning pilot project on protecting the forests, which now aims to apply the tested approach to safeguarding the river ecosystem of the precious water territories in the Amazon. Using a blend of traditional wisdom and modern technology, they are taking a stand against water-based environmental crimes.

We’re delighted that we were able to successfully show the connection between forest, rivers, oceans and why they not just interconnected but actually interdependent.

Award announcement here




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