Paper on the Rocks joins the Treesistance

Paper on the Rocks and Treesistance are excited to join forces and launch this
special edition tree-free notebook to raise much needed attention for the plight of the
Amazon rainforest and its Indigenous inhabitants.

The notebook shows that there is a high quality alternative to traditional paper and funds raised will support the Indigenous custodians who protect the forest and all life within. The result is a beautifully designed book which we hope inspires and instigates positive change around the world. As written inside the cover…

The world is transitioning and needs your knowledge and ideas. Use this notebook as a
playground for your creativity and inspirations.

Make your words and actions count.

‘We’re delighted to partner with Paper on the Rocks on this special initiative. Our shared mission to
protect trees brought us together and this collaboration highlights the need for collective global
action. First and foremost, it raises awareness & funds for the Indigenous people of the Amazon, who
risk their lives to protect the forest on behalf of us all. Whilst also showing people and businesses
here in Europe that their actions make a difference. The paper industry is a big contributor to the
problem of deforestation but Paper on the Rocks gives us hope and optimism in providing this
high-quality ethical alternative. We believe these innovations are essential in our global transition to
sustainability. ’

Tom Wheeler Executive Director of Treesistance.

‘This partnership is very dear to all of us at Paper on the Rocks. We’ve been working to create
tree-free paper to keep trees in the ground for the past eight years. Forests are what sustains us as
human beings on this planet. However, we mainly work on transitioning an industry, whilst there is so
much action that needs to be taken today to actually protect all forests we still have! We are so
happy to have joined forces with Treesistance. This is an organisation that in our opinion is essential
to sustain life in general.’

Anne van Eijsden, Founder of Paper on the Rocks

And together we would like to leave this important message to the world…

You don’t have to be in the forest to join the fight!


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You don’t have to be in the forest to join the fight.