Plan Alto






Status – Demarcated and applied to be recognised as official Indigenous Territory. Forest Guardians operational since 2020.

Source - Land Use & Management Plan

The Munduruku indigenous people of Planalto, are located in the Santarém municipality , in the west of Pará.

“Although we are still fighting for the demarcation of this territory, we have no doubt that it belongs to us and that we belong to it too. To improve our lives, we challenge ourselves to think about how we are living here to decide how we can improve our political, productive and internal and external coexistence actions and thus move towards a better future for our people”,

Co-authored by; Chief of the Munduruku Council of the Plateau, Manoel Munduruku, from the village of Ipaupixuna, and chief Josenildo Munduruku, from the village of Açaizal. Anthropologist Luana Kumaruara, indigenous leader in the lower Tapajós and member of the Tapajós Arapiuns Indigenous Council (Cita), professor Judith Vieira, from the Legal Sciences course at the Federal University of Western Pará (Ufopa), Federal Attorney Gustavo Kenner Alcântara, from the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) unit in Santarém, the local technical coordination representative of Santarém from the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Geraldo Dias, and the regional coordinator of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), Gilson Rego.


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