Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionise forest crime prevention, the protection of global biodiversity and how the world interacts with nature.

Treesistance is a movement and an impact blueprint centered on the protection of the Amazon and other tropical forests of the world. Working at the intersection where Indigenous knowledge and science meet. We create disruptive models that have long lasting tangible impact.

Treesistance distributes resources directly to the Indigenous people on the frontlines of the climate battle. All activities are Indigenous-Led and ran in consultation with the relevant Indigenous representative bodies in the region. Our mission is to stop the destruction of primary rainforest, protect biodiversity and uphold human rights.

In Partnership with Indigenous leader, Chief Dadá

“I am Dadá Borari, chief of the Maro Indigenous Territory. We are on the frontlines of the resistance to defend the forest and all life within.

We are taking back control from those who have lost their connection to mother earth and exploit the forest for profit. Our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters must remember they are part of nature and our collective survival depends on it.

Now is the time for us to unite if we want to pass on a healthy world for our children and future generations.

Nature is taking back its power. 

Join the fight of the decade.

Join the Treesistance.

Dadá Borarí

Dadá Borarí is a celebrated Indigenous leader of the Amazon. He is the chief of the Maró Indigenous territory (420km2) and is regarded as one of the most important leaders in the region. Last year he was featured in the film the Letter, in which he was selected as the representative of the Amazon and Indigenous people to travel and meet the pope in the Vatican (viewed 8m+ times). He is the Head of the Forest Guardian program for the Treesistance and leads the training in different territories.

Story so far

NWO Research Grant awarded for development of access to justice model


Utrecht University provide grant to create pilot program in the Maró Indigenous Territory


As a result, 8 illegal logging concessions removed from Maró


Munduruku Plan Alto Forest Guardians formed


New headquarters funded and built for Indigenous Council of the Tapajos & Arapiuns


Project peer-reviewed in the UN module on Forest & Fauna.


Munduruku Takuara & Braganca Forest Guardians formed


Treesistance platform launched following merger of Sinchi and Forest Forces.




Our guidelines respect and honour the following international commitments:

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

The requirement of “free, prior, and informed consent” (FPIC)

ILO Convention (No. 169) on Indigenous and Tribal People

The Guiding Principles of the Conservation Initiative on Human Rights.

We are a Dutch based Nonprofit working with Indigenous peoples and partners worldwide. We have an inclusive culture guided by Indigenous wisdom, practices, and protocols. Our governing bodies, leadership, and staff are built upon diverse, non-Indigenous and Indigenous identities. As a bridging organisation, we view this diversity as a source of our strength.

Summary of OUR WORK

We believe that Indigenous peoples have the cultures, wisdom, and territories essential for humanity to navigate the climate crisis. Our focus is to direct financial support to those defending the most biodiverse regions in the world.

We believe that all decisions and policies that affect Indigenous peoples and their territories must be made with Indigenous peoples present and heard.

Our knowledge, information and learnings are open-sourced, so that all other Indigenous organizations can benefit.

We establish partnerships with Indigenous peoples,  communities as well as non-Indigenous organizations who work in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. In working with those who have global and /or regional knowledge, influence, and reach, we maintain equitable partnerships based on guidelines that promote open, honest, and transparent communication.

We support the passing of experience, training, and capacity to the next generation of Indigenous peoples and their chosen allies.

We commit to amplifying Indigenous voices. Our stories feature the reciprocal relationship between humanity and nature and tales of resistance, among other personal stories told by Indigenous storytellers.

We believe that to scale impact we must educate and create strong communities that can help amplify and share these messages.


Tom is the Executive Director of the Treesistance. His various business enterprises have an ethical core and he has developed an ecosystem which connects the corporate world with philanthropy and collaborative action. He founded the Sinchi Foundation in 2016 to act as an ally to Indigenous peoples and has partnered with communities across 6 continents.

Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge is a criminologist specialised in forest and wildlife crime, illegal markets, and rule of law. He is a UN consultant and a research fellow at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and UFOPA University in Brazil. Tim has been active in the Brazilian Amazon since 2003 and is Head of Forest Crime Prevention for the Treesistance.

Dadá Borarí is a celebrated Indigenous leader of the Amazon. He is the chief of the Maró Indigenous territory (420km2) and is regarded as one of the most important leaders in the region. Last year he was featured in the film the Letter, in which he was selected as the representative of the Amazon and Indigenous people to travel and meet the pope in the Vatican (viewed 8m+ times). He is the Head of the Forest Guardian program for the Treesistance and leads the training in different territories. 

Auricelia Arapiun, from the village of São Pedro do Muruci, Terra Preta Territory, is the current executive coordinator of CITA and is president of the Deliberative Council of the coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon – COIAB. She is mother of 3 sons and a daughter, is part of the National articulation  of Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestry. And a Law Student at the federal university of West Para.

Jesse has a background in filmmaking, journalism and advertising. Jesse has found her calling in community organizing and creating the space for individuals to thrive. Jesse joined The Sinchi Foundation in 2020 and has since been involved in the strategic and creative development as well as the management of operations of the foundation and its projects. As Head of Operations of Treesistance she is responsible for the different activities to run smoothly together and the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Anderson Castro, from Povo Tapuia, Ajamury village, has been CITA’s executive treasurer for two terms. for 5 years now he has been totally dedicated to this fight. He is the main contact point for Treesistance actions through the region.


Jimmy is an Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam from the backwaters of Kerala. His main interest area is applying the powerful language of Advertising and design to amplify the voice of organizations and movements that matter.

Viviane Denise Lopes Corrêa known as Viviane Borari. She is of the Borari people of Alter do Chão. Viviane is a cultural producer, director, photographer and musician. Active in socio-environmental and cultural projects.  In addition to being the creator and owner of Apoena Audiovisual (@apoenafotos), she is a member of the collective of Indigenous women As Karuana (@As_Kauana) which is made up of different ethnic groups from the Baixo Tapajós region of western Pará who work through socio-cultural actions and environmental protection of rivers, forests and Indigenous rights.

Maria supports Treesistance with communications and collaborations. She believes that a harmony between species and societies comes from a continuous shift in perspectives. In her mind, a better future looks like a better present, so she is dedicated to contribute to that by sharing the myriad of narratives that are often untold or ignored, yet exist in our planet.

Anja is an organizational developer, currently working for the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. With her background in MarCom and HR, she supports the team in optimizing project management, internal processes and collaboration.       

 After working in companies where the wellbeing of the planet was not a high priority, she realized that she needed to change her own priorities. Now she only dedicates her time to organizations that make it their mission to have a positive social and/or environmental impact.”

Elli supports Treesistance alongside her work as a clinical psychologist. She always was fascinated by the Amazon rainforest and wants to play a part in the fight against climate change, criminal injustice, and deforestation. She believes in collective activism and human connections and that if everyone plays a small part in fighting for the protection of our planet and its wide diversity, collectively, we can achieve much more than we can individually.

Daniel Pacheco Wegmann is a teacher, socio-environmental activist, and, above all, a rainforest dweller and lover. He has different experiences in education, from indigenous schools to audio-visual and art education, including with populations in situations of social vulnerability, as street children, refugees and traditional peoples.

Since 2010, he has supported human/environmental rights and movements on the Tapajós River, especially indigenous, and has collaborated on projects with various institutions, as “Tapajós Vivo” Movement, “Papel Social” Agency, the UN and Sinchi.


I’m Maura Arapiun, I’m from Aldeia Braço Grande – Terra Preta Territory, Arapiun people. I am one of the coordinators of the department of Indigenous women at CITA, in which we work collectively work  in the defence of the rights and well-being of Indigenous women in the Baixo Tapajós region, taking and bringing demands from women who are mainly living in the villages, for the construction of public and accessibility policies for economic growth and the cultural appreciation of each group.

Elizabeth Hirschegger contributes to amplify the voices of the forests and her guardians through content editing and translations.

Born at the base of the Andes Mountains in Mendoza and raised in the Netherlands. With a background in Sociology of Rural Development, Elizabeth has explored the Americas appreciating its breathtaking nature and fascinating cultures while dedicating herself to sustainable community development projects. The Amazon holds a special place in her heart and Elizabeth is grateful to find herself in a movement that acts upon the most vital calling of our time—defending the life, knowledge, wisdom and wonders that find shelter in our forests and is essential for our thriving and survival.


Former creative director at Wieden+Kennedy, Alvaro Sotomayor tries to inspire companies to become more meaningful. As an artist his views are similar: he collaborated with Banksy to raise funds for children in Palestine and protested against bullfighting with his ever-evolving paintings of bulls.

I am on a mission to help individuals to embrace who they are and create more inclusive collaborative working environments. 


I am a board member of TEDxAmsterdam and work as a facilitator consultant on people, culture, and diversity. As a moderator, I help design and host events; as a speaker, I give talks on Transforming Frustrations and increasing action around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the Art of Facilitation and Storytelling. 

Matt is an angel investor and conservationist with 10+ years of experience supporting grassroots organisations and Indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon. Recently he helped kickstart two non-profits, the Javari Project and the Amazon Investor Coalition. In parallel, since 2018 he’s invested in multiple funds and businesses protecting and restoring nature.


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