Press Conference at The Embassy of the Free Mind

19th June 2023,

Chief Dadá Borarí (Head of the Forest Guardians Program), Tim Boekhout van Solinge (Head of Forest Crime Prevention) and Tom Wheeler (Excutive Director) of the Treesistance, were joined by national and international press to discuss forest crime prevention in the Amazon.

Last May, for the first time in many years, the trend of increasing deforestation in the Amazon was broken. In fact, the Indigenous Marò area in Brazil’s Pará state has completely eliminated illegal logging since the end of 2019. The fact that the Amazon is now doing relatively well in Marò is largely due to the the forest guardian model created. With limited, but very innovative resources, they managed to create one of the best protected areas in the Amazon. Now they are going to intensify the fight together, launch the new Treesistance movement and by the end of 2023, we will have over 9 Indigenous groups in different territories, bringing 1500km2 of primary rainforest under protection.




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