Dilmah Tea x Treesistance Collaboration

We’re proud to announce a new product collaboration with Dilmah Tea, with all proceeds donated to our forest guardian program.

Dilmah is a Sri Lankan origin owned brand. It was the first producer owned tea brand that would offer tea handpicked and packed where it’s grown, ensuring great taste and natural goodness; making it one of the finest teas of the world. The Dilmah philosophy – business is a matter of human service – is what makes the brand the first ethically produced tea.

In their own words…

‘There is a natural goodness in every cup of Dilmah is extended by the positive humanitarian and environmental impact Dilmah has on comunities and ecosystems’.

If you would like to order a pouch, you can do via https://dilmahtea.me/en/treesistance/

Success in the Maró Indigenous Territory

In June / July 2023, there was a new invasion by illegal loggers into the Maró Indigenous Territory. Following weeks of talks led by Chief Dada, the Borari people have removed all operations, with the loggers leaving the area.

Following this big success, we have now placed Indigenous Territory signs at every access point into the area, ensuring their land rights are respected and the forest protected.


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