Conferência de Imprensa na Embaixada do Pensamento Livre

19th June 2023,

Chief Dadá Borarí (Head of the Forest Guardians Program), Tim Boekhout van Solinge (Head of Forest Crime Prevention) and Tom Wheeler (Excutive Director) of the Treesistance, were joined by national and international press to discuss forest crime prevention in the Amazon.

Last May, for the first time in many years, the trend of increasing deforestation in the Amazon was broken. In fact, the Indigenous Marò area in Brazil’s Pará state has completely eliminated illegal logging since the end of 2019. The fact that the Amazon is now doing relatively well in Marò is largely due to the the forest guardian model created. With limited, but very innovative resources, they managed to create one of the best protected areas in the Amazon. Now they are going to intensify the fight together, launch the new Treesistance movement and by the end of 2023, we will have over 9 Indigenous groups in different territories, bringing 1500km2 of primary rainforest under protection.

Treesistance’s Launch with Indigenous Leader Cacique Dadá’s European Tour

A Defining Moment for Amazon Protection and Collaboration – Celebrated Indigenous leader Chief Dadá Borarí will embark on a European tour alongside Treesistance in June 2023. His mission is to shed light on the vital importance of protecting the Amazon and to emphasize the desire of Indigenous communities to collaborate and partner with Western organizations and individuals.

As the esteemed chief of the Maró Indigenous territory, spanning 420 km2, Cacique Dadá is widely recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the region. He gained global attention in 2022 when he was featured in the film “The Letter,” which portrayed him as the representative of the Amazon and Indigenous people during a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. Additionally, as the Head of the Forest Guardian program for Treesistance, he plays a pivotal role in leading training initiatives across various territories.

Cacique Dadá’s European tour will encompass a series of impactful events, including a special appearance on the Green Futures stage at Glastonbury. The tour will culminate in the official launch of the Treesistance platform at the Moving Arts Centre of Amsterdam (MACA) on World Rainforest Day.

Treesistance in Rome.

Amazon forest protectors meeting at the Forest Factor in Rome: Brazilian earth system scientist Carlos Nobre, Brazilian Amazon forest guardian Chief Dadá Borarí, and Dutch forest criminologist Tim Boekhout van Solinge. Chief Dadá of the Treesistance.

We were invited at the Forest Factor, organized by the Arma dei Carabinieri which has an active role in Italy in protecting forests and (marine) wildlife (forest, wildlife and nature law enforcement).

The Carabinieri also organised a nightly visit to the Colosseum.

The remote location of many communities puts them in danger from those wishing to extract and exploit.

Treesistance was born following the merger of the Sinchi Foundation and Forest Forces.

Forest Forces developed crime prevention strategies and their model was born during a scientific green criminology project in Brazil (2010-2016), funded by the Dutch NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development Program. It was set up in collaboration with Brazilian universities and NGOs to identify and reduce social and environmental harm, including crime. The development strategy focused on access to justice and improving the rule of law.

Em 2014, as primeiras comunidades tradicionais que vivem perto de pontos críticos de desmatamento foram equipadas com câmeras GPS à prova d'água, carregadores solares e banco de energia. Isso permitiu que elas tirassem fotos de atividades florestais ilegais. Em 2016, uma equipe de vigilância de doze membros locais coletou evidências de GPS de atividades ilegais em seu território, o que levou à remoção de todas as indústrias extrativas ilegais. Esse modelo pode ser replicado em outras áreas, especialmente em áreas indígenas e outras áreas protegidas com fronteiras de GPS.


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